Antoine Butler

  1. Return Of The Vice

    I'm going going, back back, to caffeine and meat.

  2. 90s

    Taken from Facebook, I reflect on what the 90s meant to me.

  3. 32 Days

    Another random dump of happenings that I was too busy to share.

  4. Wallet Shopping

    I've spent years in search of the perfect wallet. Dramatic, I know. But the search continues.

  5. Code The Block - 2015

    A day in the work life of Antoine Butler, a rapper turned developer. Join me on journey through my headphones and keyboard.

  6. The 15 Day Rant

    It's been two weeks since I wrote anything. I've got my soap box and tin foil hat ready. Set. Go!

  7. The Ballad of Late

    A series of late, but welcomed events.

  8. Girl Scout Cookies

    Help my little Princess Mia rock the Girl Scout Cookie sale.

  9. Bourbon and Salad

    This is why I didn't write anything this past Friday. I was drinking bourbon and eating salad. By-My-Self.

  10. Gold's Challenge

    Challenge Accepted. Forget the money, I'm chasing Adonis.

  11. Signing Music

    Today I discovered that instrumental music can be signed. A reminder that anything and everything can be made accessible.

  12. Gun Guys Miss The Point

    A not short, post gun run ramble.

  13. January 5th

    A little something not worth writing.

  14. Walk Tall

    Hoodies up. Ski masks on. Baby it's cold outside.

  15. The Thin Fit Line

    Blurring the line between athlete and addict.

  16. Antoine Agassi

    Channeling my inner Agassi, I took the family out to play tennis.

  17. Writing Something

    Here starts my mission to write something, every day.

  18. Code The Block

    I can't work without music. These hip hop albums powered thousands of lines of code in 2014.

  19. One Year Ago, Today

    Reflecting on my year in blogging about code, pixels and words.

  20. The Four Hour Redesign

    A quick blog redesign. Simple, content first and perfomance focussed.

  21. Less Product, More Process

    Readiness is relative. I will create for the sake of creation. Because the process is the story, and the product a footnote.

  22. Embrace The Vertical

    Video, slides and a few lessons learned from my first speaking engagement.

  23. CSS Conf 2014 Recap

    A recap of CSS Conf 2014 from a first-time attendee and first-time speaker perspective.

  24. Poetic Semantics

    A mildly funny, digression of thought fueled journey in search of the perfect markup for poems and lyrics.

  25. Museum Contributions

    A republished post from 2008, inspired by Airbag Intl.'s plea for a Web Design Musem.

  26. Seek Diversity, Don't Just Promote It

    Checkout Jay Smooth speak on Hip Hop, New Media and diversity.

  27. Bmoresponsive Logo Mark

    A CSS logo mark for the Bmoresponsive one day conference in Baltimore.

  28. To CSS Conf We Go

    The plan is to discuss opportunities, risks and the potential future of height -based media queries. Screens move in both directions, but we almost always deal in width.

  29. My Last Editorially Powered Post

    Editorially made collaborative writing easy. Peep the past tense.

  30. R.I.P Geeks Adventure Club

    Geeks’ Adventure Club: It was a fun run and a slow death for the DC meetup.

  31. Apple Calendar

    An experiment, replicating most of the basic UI for Apple Calendar with CSS.

  32. Principles and Plantations

    Tech conferences tend to be a bit culturaly void, but was a cultural gut check in order for CSSConf?

  33. Down With The Blues

    The semantic web continues to be relevant and perhaps more importantly, profitable. #BB13

  34. Stop Replying All

    Friends don't let friends reply all. An easy way to stop Reply All, overnight.

  35. Allow Me To Re-introduce Myself

    As I stumble through git commits and missing meetups, I'll try and find a balance between life, community and code.