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I Slept In Yesterday

10 Nov 2016

Butt hurt over our failure to maintain momentum, America has let the world down. Yesterday, I slept in. I worked. Today, is a new day.

Empathy And Extremes

27 Jul 2016

An Event Apart was the first technology conference I ever attended back in 2008. And five more Events later I find myself often being asked – “Why do you come back?”.

Return Of The Vice

24 May 2016

Those that know me, know I enjoy silly little challenges. There’s typically some meaningful back story but the challenges tend to all spawn from a kind “I wonder if I can” conversation. This constant attempt to strengthen will power is what allowed me to quit smoking some six years ago, quick caffeine twice for over a year each, go vegetarian for a month every December and go Pescatarian for few months this year.